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Festive Lino Printing at Partisan, Manchester


Image of Festive Lino Printing at Partisan, Manchester

7-9 pm, 5th Dec

This workshop is perfect for anyone who likes to send their Christmas cards out with a personal touch. Of course you can do non-festive prints if you like as well. In this session you will learn how to cut lino perfectly with a variety of techniques and how to print it like a pro. There will be lots of images to inspire and work from. If there's a specific image you'd like to work from bring it along. There will be a variety of different coloured inks and cards, tags and paper to print on to. You should leave with a variety of cards or prints and a lino printing block that you can use again and again.

This workshop will take place at Partisan Collective. A fantastic new space in Manchester.

Suitable for over 15s or children aged 12+ with help from a parent/guardian.

Come with ideas of imagery you'd like to print!